Director's Letter

Letter from the Director

The University of Kentucky (UK) Center for Research on Environmental Disease (the Center) is the product of ongoing interactions among working groups of independent investigators with common scientific interests. The goals of the Center are to foster collaboration among clinical and basic scientists, catalyze translational research, stimulate educational activities, enhance the competitiveness of member investigators for extramural funding, and increase national recognition for the University in the field of research on environmental disease. To achieve these goals, the proposed Center promotes specific research- and education-related initiatives by integrating the activities of various investigators with expertise in chemistry, environmental chemistry, toxicology, pharmacology, nutrition, molecular biology, animal sciences, epidemiology, biostatistics, and clinical and translational sciences from different colleges. The Center stimulates development of new institutional grants including program project grants and center grants. The Center provides a nexus for promoting scientific collaboration and developing translational research. Clinical and basic scientists will work together to address environmental disease-related public health concerns. The Center promotes national and international recognition of the University by its research and educational excellence.