Org Structure

Administrative structure. The Center of Research on Environmental Disease (the Center) is one of the research and educational unites (departments and centers) in the College of Medicine, University of Kentucky. The Director of the Center reports to the Dean, College of Medicine. The Director serves as the academic and administrative head of the Center and is responsible for all aspects of its leadership and administration.  All core faculty members report to the Director on issues pertaining to the Center. The Director is responsible for evaluating performance of core faculty members in consultation with Chairs of the academic departments in which the core faculty members have academic appointments. 

Core Faculty of the Center.  The core faculty members are those approved to have a formal distribution of effort (DOE) assignment of time to the activities of the Center’s program.  The academic appointments of the core faculty are in individual academic departments but who have their DOE assignments expressly to the activities of the Center (hereafter “Core” member). The core faculty members in the Center have the same Rights, Responsibilities and Grievance Procedures as those of other faculty in the same title series in the College of Medicine.

Faculty Affiliation with the Center.  In addition to the Core faculty, the Center is enhanced by the contributing activities of affiliated faculty members, whose interactions with other Center faculty, facilitated by the Center, enhance both the Center’s and their home departments’ programs, but without reaching a formal DOE assignment with the Center. University faculty members who are independent investigators, educators, or practicing clinicians with a specific interest in the field of research on environmental disease, are welcome to apply for affiliation with the Center.  The Center is explicitly multidisciplinary, welcoming the affiliated contribution from both basic and clinical faculty.